That’s right at Newman Hypnotherapy you will discover the root cause of your eating difficulty and learn how to change your thought patterns revolving around the root cause to Get Rid Of Weight and remain slimmer

How many times have you been on a diet?

I know I have tried plenty in my life and seen many people try diets only to find down the track they regain the weight plus more.

Here’s the truth….DIETS FAIL!!!

Most diets are systems of external control, that quite often suggest calorie restriction, forcing the body into fight or flight starvation and theoretically turning off all natural responses to burn fat and instead make us store fat, hold onto fat and grab hold of more fat incase we starve ourselves again.  Overtime our natural hunger gets turned off and an insatiable hunger takes over which then makes us store more and more fat whilst gaining more and more weight.

On the mind side, the mere thought of losing weight or weight loss comes with its own complications.  What happened when you were young, say at school and you lost something?  Your teacher, Mum or Dad  told you to go and find it didn’t they? Yes, I bet they said, you go and find what you have lost and you hold onto it, don’t you lose it again.  So here we have it, we have been programmed to find what we have lost and hold onto it.  That is why here at Newman Hypnotherapy we are going to help you Get Rid of Weight and keep it off.

  • Would you like to eat what you fancy and really enjoy every mouthful?
  • Would you like to drop a dress size by NOT exercising like a maniac?
  • Would you like to stop thinking about food and simply eat what you like and enjoy it?
  • Would you like to stop craving certain types of food that you’d rather NOT eat?
  • Would you like greater self-esteem and greater body confidence?
  • Would you like to get rid of weight and then maintain your desired weight?

You have taken a step in the right direction to attaining your goal weight and remaining that weight by coming through to this web page and answering YES to any of the above questions.

Modern lifestyles have created an epidemic, our brains no longer function as they used to like our caveman ancestors who hunted and gathered to feed their physical hunger.  With our brains over stimulated by technology, social media, fast paced lifestyles, fast foods and sugary quick fixes our physical hunger has been switched off and become an insatiable emotional hunger that seems forever hungry.

Learning how to re-wire your thought patterns and emotions that revolve around food choices, cravings, portion sizes, frequency of food consumption and mindless food eating, will get you back in tune with your body, your mind and your true physical hunger which in turn will result in a natural weight reduction and a healthier, happier lifestyle.

How do you re-wire your thought patterns revolving around food?  It’s easy, all you do is relax and relax even more during each Hypnotherapy session whilst your therapist works with you to facilitate the change you desire to reach your weight reduction goal.  Frequency and length of sessions are different for each individual and their weight reduction goals.  This will be discussed during your 30minute free consultation which can be done over the phone or in practice.

Check out these testimonials…

Hi Julie, I just wanted to say thank you, I am now 5 months on from our session in February where you helped me to stop eating bread.  To this day I have not touched any bread, I can make toast for my son and I’m not even tempted to eat the crusts.  Considering I used to eat half a loaf of bread a day spread over, toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and then buttered slices with dinner, I am amazed at how effective the method is that you use.  I can’t thank you enough.

A.S. Leamington Spa

Hi Julie, just to let you know that I haven’t had the need for any of my cravings they just seem to have gone. So thank you for this… life changing!

J.B. Leamington Spa

Thank you Julie for helping me finally get some control over my life. The techniques you used to help me control my eating and also take control over my life have been amazing. I feel that I have an inner willpower that speaks to me and keeps me in check. Lost a stone in weight without even trying so far.
The techniques you showed me to keep calm in tense situations helped me to get through surgical procedures that even my surgeon was impressed with!
I felt so calm during all the hypnosis and woke feeling as though I had had the best sleep ever. Will definitely be returning and also recommending you

Tracey Leamington Spa


  • Free 30 minute consultation over the phone or in practice
  • Non-refundable/transferable deposit for last minute cancellations or no-shows: £40
  • Individual Sessions
  • Daytime 9am–5pm (60min):£60
  • Evenings 5pm–8pm (60min):£80
  • Weekends 5pm–8pm (60min):£100

Grow Slimmer Gastric Band Hypnosis

  • Gastric Band price:£150
    Plus 4 sessions chosen below
  • Grow Slimmer Package (4 Sessions)
  • Daytime 9am–5pm (60min):£200
  • Evenings 5pm–8pm (60min):£250
  • Weekends 5pm–8pm (60min):£350

Grow Slimmer Group Sessions

  • Minimum of 6 people per group
    so grab some friends and come together!..
  • Per person£20
  • 4 Session Package£70