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Discovering the Root Cause of an Issue, Difficulty or Behaviour

This is the part of Clinical Hypnotherapy that really gets to the nitty gritty and allows change to happen. Once discovered, a person’s life can be altered positively forever. Root causes come in many packages, maybe it’s that sweet treat you find yourself eating when you are poorly to make yourself feel better. Why do [...]

How I Ran 62 Miles a Day and Loved Every Minute of it!

Mmmmm sounds pretty crazy doesn’t it?  Yet it is true.  I have been a jogger/marathon runner for 20 years now, I started a bit late and to be honest only got into it as I was offered $1000NZD to run one as a bet.  You bet right, I did that run and got my money. [...]

My delve into Past Life Regression (PLR)

and discovering I served time in an Australian gaol!

It’s incredible the clarity one gains when removed from the daily routine and pressures of everyday life. I am mid air as I type, heading back to the UK from Kefalonia in the Greek Isles after a wonderful, relaxed week teaching yoga at our annual success and wellbeing retreat at Apollonion Resort and Spa.  Each [...]