Mmmmm sounds pretty crazy doesn’t it?  Yet it is true.  I have been a jogger/marathon runner for 20 years now, I started a bit late and to be honest only got into it as I was offered $1000NZD to run one as a bet.  You bet right, I did that run and got my money.

From there I ran another 14, now being a total of 15.  During these training sessions as a marathon runner I had often thought about running an ultra-marathon.  Anything is possible right?  If the mind is strong the body is willing, one can achieve anything.

So I did all the training needed to get me to the start line, however 5 months prior, I began to have self doubt, my mind was playing games with me.  At this time I was on my hypnotherapy course, learning tonnes of new techniques to combat fears, phobias, behaviours and more.  One of these tools we use in Hypnotherapy really stood out to me, the New Behaviour Generator!  Here I was taken into hypnosis, I picked a role model, someone who runs really well (my running partner, she is much faster than I and very determined) I observed in my minds eye, how she runs, what she’s seeing, hearing and feeling, I watched her performance, her stride, body posture whilst running.  I then ran this movie in my mind again yet this time I was watching myself perform exactly the way my role model (my running partner) did, boy I liked the way I looked.  Next I got to run the movie again and step into it as though I was there now running, seeing and hearing all that is around me, feeling amazing, feeling like a winner, a winner in my own right.  Next I imagined the race day, I could see the start, the journey and then see the finish, I felt incredible, full of vitality and energy and good feelings with no blisters.

Well that is exactly how my run went on the 15 July 2017, it went brilliantly, I felt fantastic throughout the event, with exception to a little indigestion but hey, you’ve got to eat and run when going this distance.  It was one of the most enjoyable runs I have ever done, it was easier than any marathon even though it was 2.5 marathons in one go.

The new behaviour generator in hypnosis was well worth it to achieve my goal and it can be used to change any negative behaviour into a new positive behaviour.   To help you achieve those dreams and goals that you hope for, yet feel as though something is getting in the way.