This is the part of Clinical Hypnotherapy that really gets to the nitty gritty and allows change to happen.
Once discovered, a person’s life can be altered positively forever.

Root causes come in many packages, maybe it’s that sweet treat you find yourself eating when you are poorly to make yourself feel better. Why do you eat sweet treats when you are poorly? Was it something your parents gave you when you were a child and poorly? Did they tell you, you’ll feel better for eating it? How about those sweets the doctors and dentists used to hand out and say, ‘there we go, you’ve been a brave girl/boy’ just after they’ve given you an injection or pulled a tooth out. However, as adults we know, sugary treats don’t make you feel better, only your mind can choose to feel better, happier and healthier.

Do you struggle with a gambling addiction? Was it the thrill of winning that very first win you ever had? How good did that make you feel? Is it those feelings you wish to have ongoing and that is why you gamble? Only you know you do not always win and when the money gets tight it is not fun and the feelings fade far from those originally felt? Yet you keep gambling. Changing those neural pathways in hypnosis to allow those good feelings to flow without gambling is powerful.

Smoking is a good one, many people will say they are addicted to cigarettes. However, they don’t get up numerous times in the night to have a cigarette, a drug addict would, once the drug wears off they wake up and crave their next hit. Once nicotine wears off people don’t wake up numerous times in the night and crave a cigarette. Maybe they do when they wake in the morning, however that is out of habit more like. They are making their morning coffee and a cigarette goes hand in hand with it. Likewise in an evening, they may be having an alcoholic beverage and the cigarette goes hand in hand with it as they have learned this behaviour probably from the person who taught them to smoke in the first place. Smoking is a learned behaviour and one that can be changed easily into the person becoming a non-smoker if they so desire.

Overeating, secret eating and binge eating all have their own root causes and they can be plentiful, to comfort, to punish, to protect, to control, to sabotage etc. However, once discovered, understood and resolved the weight will just fall off over time.

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