It’s incredible the clarity one gains when removed from the daily routine and pressures of everyday life.

I am mid air as I type, heading back to the UK from Kefalonia in the Greek Isles after a wonderful, relaxed week teaching yoga at our annual success and wellbeing retreat at Apollonion Resort and Spa.  Each morning Monday through Friday begins with one hour of Hatha Yoga taught by Moi.  These sessions encourage deep hypnotic relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques combined with gentle Hatha Yoga Asanas to enliven the body and energy centres.

During my stay this year I decided to delve into Past Life Regression (PLR) during my free time.  Being nestled amongst the Kefalonian hills on the Lixouri side of the island and in sight of the aquamarine Ionian Sea made me feel comforted and ever so deeply relaxed – the perfect environment to go deep within on a journey.

As we go through life certain situations, relationships, circumstances and behaviours crop up or break up that we as humans may either just accept, brush off or analyse to the tenth degree as to why it happened, why it crossed our path in life.  These questions can be beautifully answered with Age Regression (AR) meaning going on a time line journey in Hypnosis to an earlier age in your current life or with Past Life Regression (PLR) meaning going on a journey in Hypnosis to another lifetime that you once were incarnated in.  Whether you believe it or not, most of us have lived many lives, in many different times/eras/countries and bodies.

Yes that’s right, if you are now a woman, you may have been a man in a previous life, you could possibly have been a child or even an animal.

I’d like to share with you a couple of my incarnations which have made a significant impact on my current life and which having now discovered them has created a deep sense of understanding and greater sense of peace within my being.


This was a question I recently had when reassessing my career path and wondering if my childhood dream of becoming a top architect should be revisited.

Upon chatting with a Psychic, Spiritual Medium and PLR therapist who did not know me from Adam, I discovered confirmation of my inner conclusion that I came to know at the age of seventeen.  This therapist profoundly announced that she had to tell me about a few of my past lives.  

Firstly and foremost was the past life in answer to my recent question of shall I now train to be an architect.  Through all of my high school years I studied technical drawing, physics and mathematics, not the usual subjects for a female in the 80’s to take, yet deep within my soul and psyche I was driven to take these subjects as I wanted to be a famous top architect in New Zealand.  This was my goal and I was going to achieve it!!  After winning all the top prizes for technical drawing at school, I decided to take a year out from study to travel and earn some money to pay my way through university whilst training to be a famous architect. 

Travelling through Europe was a wonderful experience, especially as I wanted to be an architect and Europes architecture was so grand, so old and so beautifully done.  It was on this trip that something changed within me, I no longer wanted or desired to be an architect.  I felt the greatness of what I was wanting to produce as an architect was done, yet why in the 1980’s would I want to produce something like the Palace of Versailles?   I visited the Palace of Versailles and was drawn immensely to the Hall of Mirrors.  Mirrors have played a massive part in my life, not for vanity but for the beauty and expansion of what they aesthetically create when in a room.  I have always liked Baroque style, most of which many would say looks gaudy, I simply think it is magnificent.

I now know why I have these deep seated feelings and passion for architecture.  I was the top architect to Louis VX, I was the architect who designed the Palace of Versailles and the Hall of Mirrors.  I had already achieved my goal and that is why I no longer needed to be what I thought I needed to be.  

To this day I love design, whether it is interior or exterior it doesn’t matter, I love and admire it, I simply have no desire anymore to be the one who creates it.  

I am comforted to know this, as even though I decided at seventeen I know longer needed to peruse this career avenue, I have often wondered why I changed my mind all of a sudden considering the great passion I had at school to achieve it.

Another past life of mine that rings true, is that I have never wanted to live in Australia.  For as long as I can remember I have always told people that I have zero desire to live in Australia, that I didn’t like Australian men yet I never knew why I felt so strongly about it.

Well, I have learned that way back in the eighteen hundreds I was sent from the UK as a prisoner to Australia, it was probably just for stealing a loaf of bread to survive famine yet I was imprisoned for it.  I hated the heat in Australia, they made me wear corsets which made me feel constrained, confined and suffocated.  In my current life I recently watched a documentary about how UK prisoners who were sent to Australia, I was overwhelmed to the point my Husband asked why I was so upset.  I didn’t have an answer other than I was really mad and angry that they were sent abroad and how awful it must have been for the prisoners.

In a previous relationship in my current life, my husband then bought me a corset and a boudoir photo shoot for my birthday.  At the time of opening the gift I was excited about the prospect of having hair and makeup done, getting dressed up and photographed.  Well on the day of the shoot when the corset was being laced up I was overwhelmed with feelings of suffocation and degradation, I hated every minute of it and boy did the photographs show it on my face. I looked at my face in those photos and it was as though I didn’t recognise myself.  I bet you can imagine which photos I chose to purchase? Yes, that’s right, none of the photos of me in a corset and none of the photos that had my face showing, it simply did not look like me!!  Needless to say, my then husband could not understand why I seemed so miserable and at the time and neither did I.  I most certainly do now, it all makes sense and has clarified my feelings.  

I have also learned from PLR that you may often reincarnate with the same souls over and over again until the lessons you need to learn are learnt.  My reason for telling you this is that I now feel I could reside in Australia, not permanently but for a moment in time.  My sister, nieces and my mother in this life now live in Brisbane, Australia. During my past life where I was a prisoner I later married and had children.  My sister now is my husband from that life (she chose to move to Australia from New Zealand) and my mother and father now were my children.  They of course had a better life in Australia and are now in this lifetime expressing that to me in an encouraging way.  It truly is a magical unfolding when you learn these things and can understand why and for what reasons things occur.

Let’s now talk about my ex-husband in this life.  He was and still is of course 12 years older than me.  When we met, I knew I knew him, knew his soul.  Most of my friends and family could not understand what I saw in him,  I saw his soul and now know we had unfinished business that happened in another life.

Quite a few years ago when I was engaged to this man I was told by a psychic that we had lived as husband and wife in a previous life.  A previous life whereby I was the husband and he was the wife.  We lived on a horse ranch in Ireland and were both killed in a fire.  I didn’t get it and couldn’t understand it, however through recent PLR in Hypnosis I discovered this to be true and that my wife in that life (my ex-husband in this life) lit the fire to kill me and in the process she killed herself.

Her reasons were, she felt I didn’t love her, that I treated her as inferior to myself and with an extremely controlling, domineering manner.  She felt suffocated, constrained and confined (can you see similar patterns coming through from the 1800’s lifetime)

The only way she could find to be free was to kill me and make it look like an accident, the home fire spilling out to engulf the entire ranch.  Sadly she was killed in the process and therefore we had to meet again in another life to complete the lessons that needed to be learned.

How does this correlate to my current life? When I was in this relationship, it was not an easy ride, it was very fiery!!  I married this man, my now ex-husband in The Valley of Fire in Las Vegas, it was my idea to do this, yet I had no knowledge of this past life when we got married.  Prior to being married I thought it was me who wore the pants and that he had too much feminine energy on board, I kept telling him to man-up, not a nice thing to say I know, however there was a reason for me saying that.  He complained I never showed him any affection, yet I thought I was affectionate and loving.  He wanted to light candles all the time to be romantic yet I was incredibly adverse to this.  He was the woman in our past life together and I was the man.  We were both killed by fire, a fire that she lit, hence I most certainly did not want candles that could catch fire being lit. 

Once married my husband became extremely controlling, suffocating and dominant, I felt confined beyond belief.  He became what I was to him in the previous lifetime and when the ending became unbearable I saw in his eyes someone that was not him.  He in his past life as a woman had not learned to tolerate me as a domineering, controlling man, therefore he was now learning this lesson, the lesson that he can not control anyone but himself.  I learned I could not change him, I could forgive him, forgive his behaviour and move on.  Maybe now his future relationships will be different as forgiving him now in this life also forgives him for killing me in our past life together.

Upon leaving this marriage I exclaimed to everyone that I would not share my life with another man, that I would not jump from the “frying pan into the fire”… why did I say that numerous times.  I strongly believe the universe was sending me signs that my inner journey lies in past lives and the resolution of karma from those lives.

In my now current marriage, I love candles and light them regularly with no hesitation and it has certainly not been like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Sure we have our ups and downs and lovers quarrels who doesn’t? For most of the time it’s simply wonderful.

I can sense more past lives and will explore these over time and add to this blog. For now, helping others in Past Life Regression Hypnosis to discover past lives and discover root causes of difficulties in this life is wonderful. Many believe it is scary or it is made up, it simply is what it is and if you believe it has meaning and helps answer questions then that is just great, isn’t it?

For some there may not be a past life, they may be new souls on their very first adventure, until you regress to find out, you will never know.

Love to all, Julie